Geelpootmeeuw | Yellow-legged Gull | Larus michahellis
1cy Yellow-legged Gull / Larus michahellis, Westkapelle - sea dike (The Netherlands) on 8 August 2008
Ringcode: M008547, ringed as pullus on 15 May 2008 in Fanel, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Two poor pictures of a clip-ringed 1cy Yellow-legged Gull from Switzerland. Some upper scapulars are recently replaced by second generation feathers. This 1cy has also started to moult it's wing-coverts, in the left wing one greater and some median/lesser coverts are dropped. Note the typical pattern and coloring of the tertials which is quite a good feature of juvenile michahellis.
From: Ies Meulmeester, Wednesday 14 January 2009, 19:34
Same bird as on the picture above. Note the bit shorter p10, presumed this primary is still growing. In the outer secondaries there's a little damage on s5.
From: Jean Michel Sauvage, Thursday 14 January 2010, 19:40
Superbes photographies et une lecture de bague métallique intéressante.


Jean Michel Sauvage.
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