Geelpootmeeuw | Yellow-legged Gull | Larus michahellis
3cy Yellow-legged Gull / Larus michahellis, Westkapelle - sea dike (The Netherlands) on 3 September 2010
A typical 3cy Yellow-legged Gull of begin September. Note the dark markings in the tertials, greater coverts and the outer lesser coverts. The dark bill shows an immature pattern with only some yellow on the top of the upper-mandible and a small red gonys spot. The neck and chest are woolly dark-brown streaked and the legs are pale yellow colored.
From: Ies Meulmeester, Wednesday 2 February 2011, 15:36
All old second generation primaries are dropped, the new p1-p7 are fully grown now, p8 is still growing and p9-p10 are not present. Also the complete moult of the secondaries has started, the outermost has recently replaced by new feathers, the secondaries in the middle has dropped and the inner ones are still old second generation. In the tail note also the nearly complete white outer tail feathers and extensive dark marked inner/middle rectrices.
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